In safe hands

Testimonial: Industrial Installations and Removals

With a challenging three printing press installation to be completed at Polestar, Sheffield, the magnitude and complexity of the project demanded an installation contractor that we had worked with previously, and knew we could depend on. We therefore called upon the services of Denholm Global Logistics.

"A job of this nature really does involve many different elements," commented Peter Banks. "To put it into perspective, Denholm unloaded 1,370 tonnes of equipment delivered as 51 trailers, 38 containers and 38 break bull loads, with the press installation alone using 47 kilometres of cable weighing in at 10 tons.

"With a tight delivery schedule, Denholm never failed to meet our requirements, tracking shipments, completing importation and coordinating delivery to site. I knew we were in safe hands with Denholm."

Peter Banks, Customer Service Manager - Commercial Products
GOSS International