Operational excellence

Testimonial: Air Freight, Sea Freight, Supply Chain Management

Fortune Freight Group has been the exclusive origin partner for Denholm Global Logistics since 1992.

Given that we have complete coverage of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan our partnership with Denholm has gone from strength to strength over the years as imports from Eastern Asia into the UK, US and elsewhere in Europe have reached an all time high.

Such is the relationship between our companies, both FFC and Denholm have continued to invest in best in class IT systems and procedures that are inter-linked to offer Denholm’s customers operational excellence and a single visibility view of their orders. 

Working within the guidelines of Denholm’s standard operating procedures and their client’s bespoke business protocols, our dedicated industry specific teams ensure that from the moment orders are placed with Asian suppliers, that they are not only tracked in real time but are transported swiftly and cost effectively. This is made easier by the strong relationships we forge with the suppliers to mitigate any potential delays and ensure that both Denholm and their customers are always informed. 

Denholm consistently maintain an extremely high standard of service that they offer to their global clients and it has been and continues to be one of our most important supply chain management relationships.

Richard Fu, Managing Director
Fortune Freight Group